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People said he was crazy to create a business focused exclusively on the idea of selling seeds; But with growth, our concept has been enjoyed, and the enthusiastic support of so many satisfied customers Get Nuts has proven to be a popular brand - with ambitious growth plans for the future.

Get Nuts is a concept that was originally conceived and developed in Costa Rica some 15 years ago. The idea was simple - create a new variety of appetizers with delicious flavors, supported by a production process focused on quality and efficiency, and sell them at a kiosk - with the ultimate goal of being on the fringes of other foodservice concepts in the market, and provide something that almost everyone could enjoy.

It wasn't long before the first Get Nuts kiosk opened outside of Costa Rica, followed in later years by additional locations throughout Central and South America. Our growth has been supported by our never-ending approach to refining our business model, through years of market testing and industry experience.

"Today, with the support of popular demand and the focus on quality and systematization, this concept of international fame has made its way to the US" Juan Jacobo Montero, Founder

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